Curious to get in touch with me?

About me:

Currently advising: Large corporation in the mobility sector (including smart cities/Mobility 4.0), digital transformation process in the roles of M&A project lead, business developer, and strategic partnership creator.

Social-political sector engagement: NGO Founder and Head of Stella Enabling Education, former co-implementer of the United Nations World Water Assessment Program.

Consciousness leadership engagement: Certified Naturopath, Active Consciousness & Mindfulness Adviser, Co-founder of Siemens’ Internal Holacratic “Grow to Glow” network initiative. 

Sought-after public speaker for: M&A, Venture Capital, Consciousness Leadership, Social Responsibility, Sustainability, New Work, Holacracy

Creative expression: Photography, Painting, Writing

Prior Experience: 

  • 8+ years of cross-border M&A experience as Project Business Lead and Certified International Lawyer:
    • Supporting digital transformation in an international corporation
    • Prior: sustainable energy projects in solar, gas, water
    • Project execution in Russia, Algeria, Morocco, Italy, Denmark, Spain, others
  • 2+ years co-fund management for a private investment fund with US assets
  • 2+ years investment banking for an international bank with focus on Eastern Europe
  • 1+ years business development and strategy for a German IT startup
  • 1+ years support of M&A negotiations for international law firms
  • 2+ years “Referendariat” for the Bavarian Government (mandatory legal training for law degree)

Interested in enhancing my knowledge and skills in the following areas to generate further impact:

  • Business opportunities with network effects
  • Cultural balance & communication
  • Consciousness leadership
  • Circular economy, gender equality & sustainability


I am a certified attorney in Germany holding a Ph.D. in environmental law as well as an LL.M. degree (Sorbonne) in European law studies. I believe that you can be great in various things. As the same skill set is often required, it is more a question of analysis, adoption and implementation of your knowledge put in another framework. To recharge, I love to be active in nature, spend me-time, be digital detoxed and have off-times on the magical island of Bali.

What I am not?

I am not perfect and I live my life the best I can. Of course, I do also have my flaws and you are surely better in certain areas than I am. All I can do is to offer you my service, hints and insights to help you to advance. 

I am happy to connect if we share common interests, values and goals. Please clearly state in your message where I can be of any help for you.

I’m looking forward to it!

Yours truly,


"I have known Corinna for many years and worked with her at Deutsche Bank, Frankfurt. Corinna is a senior project manager with a great understanding of complex situations capable not only of getting the entire picture of the solution but also managing very well to position it straight from the beginning. Corinna is a subject matter expert, very diligent and much focused on closing deals. She understands to manage international business interactions, sets the right priorities and knows how to motivate her team. Corinna is a very hard-working person. It is also a lot of fun to work with her. Thanks for this experience."

Daphne Recker
Head of Group Communications at NORMA Group SE

"I had the pleasure of working with Corinna-Rosa Hacker at Siemens AG, collaborating on several M&A projects. I was particularly impressed by the way she naturally leads any project. She is able to put together all the moving pieces, handle the clients, meet the deadlines and even manage several projects at a time. And when you think that she has put everything on the table, you just realize that she is an outstanding Lawyer too. She is a great asset for any team."​

Roberto Bruna
Director Business Intelligence & Purchase Planning

"In 2016, Corinna-Rosa was leading the Siemens AG M&A team during the process of a crucial Joint Venture creation with a IP business partner who was important for our Power & Gas division development. I represented the operating business unit and we both were working closely together. She is an excellent team lead as she is combining honesty and commitment with intelligence, eagerness and good spirits. Her curiosity helps her to think out of the box, to find new solutions and to walk new paths. With her mindset she can be analytical and creative at the same time. Such a rare as well as valuable quality! I appreciated a lot working with her and I do hope to have to pleasure to collaborate again with her in the near future!"​

Dimitrios Thomaidis
Head of Adv. Ceramic Operations at Siemens

"J’ai eu l’occasion de travailler avec Corinna à plusieurs reprises ces dernières années et notre collaboration a toujours été très efficace et fructueuse. Corinna est une personne qui sait gérer des situations complexes et parfois difficiles et elle est pour moi une source d’inspiration professionnelle avec des grandes qualités de “leadership”! Merci Corinna!"​

Dirk Andreae-Nehlsen
Founder & Managing Partner at Andreae Associates - Avocats

"It has always been a great pleasure and honour to work and talkwith Corinna-Rosa. Her experience, her wide perspectives andher clarity of views were a wonderful inspiration and helpful formy projects."​

Stefan Bergheim
Founder & Director, Center for Societal Progress
Three working languages: German, English & French
In total more than 15 years of experience in business and government negotiations
More than 70 countries visited, lived and/ or worked in